After years of R&D, Prism Cement is proud to launch Prism HI-TECH Cement, which is a New Generation Cement for High Construction Quality.

Prism HI-TECH is a premium high performance blended Cement. It is a technologically advanced cement produced with 53 Grade clinker and carefully selected high quality Pozzolonic material with high fineness and optimum range of chemical composition.

It gives highest strength & durability, has anti rusting, anti dampness features and is especially designed for critical load bearing applications like Slab, Column, Beams, Foundations and all types of RCC & PCC work.

It gives both high early strength and enhanced durability to the structure. The cement strength keeps on increasing with time for longer duration so that even in adverse environmental conditions the strength and durability of the structure remains intact.

Prism HI-TECH Cement is manufactured under strict quality standard procedures and it passes through many complex manufacturing process to meet the quality standards. Each bag of Prism HI-TECH Cement is a symbol of strength, quality and durability.

Packed in best in class, polypropylene laminated box shaped bags, which are tamper-proof and moisture proof and ensure that there is no chance of pilferage or adulteration.

Along with the product, Prism's Customer Service Engineers provide value-added services to the consumer of this Premium Cement. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Estimates for consumption of materials, testing of various aggregates at site
  • Training of site masons on good construction practices
  • Supervision of various important aspects like reinforcement detailing
  • Mix proportion
  • Workability test
  • Silt test
  • Testing the quality of structure in terms of strength, etc. through 'Concrete Samadhan' i.e. mobile testing vans.