Prism Champion Cement is a finely ground blend of high quality clinker and carefully selected high quality Pozzolonic material (Fly Ash) with high fineness and optimum range of chemical composition. Careful selection of Pozzolona is one of the crucial factors for the superiority of Prism Champion Cement.

The other crucial factors are:

  • Optimum dosage of Pozzolona to ensure high level of 28 days strength.
  • Balancing the fineness and the reactivity of Pozzolona to ensure proper hydration character, thus ensuring sustained strength gain over long period without sacrificing on the early age strength.
  • Low heat of hydration helps in prevention of cracks ensuring durability of structure.
  • Also ensures durability of structure even in adverse environmental condition.

Prism Champion Cement ... Superior blend of strength and durability

A synchronized two stage hydration involving clinker and Pozzolonic material results in a denser gel formation ensuring lower permeability and higher strength as well as low chemical reactivity, thus ensuring high durability.

Prism Champion Cement, an optimum blend of...

  • Strength
  • Workability
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Sustained strength gain
  • Durability


  • Suitable for all types of construction like building, roads, bridges, culverts and cement base products.
  • Mass concrete work like dam, machine foundation work.
  • Concrete works in environment involving chemicals in soil and water.
  • Sewage and effluent treatment plant
  • All kinds of marine works, like jetty etc.
  • Suitable for all construction in aggressive environment ensuring higher durability.